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Our shop environment

We strive to provide a friendly and family-oriented shop environment with opportunities to learn from the best.

That means:

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No micromanagement

You know what you’re doing, so we’ll get you going and leave you to it.

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If you have less experience, we’ll help you improve your skills. If you’re already a seasoned technician, we’ll give you opportunities to refine them.

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Flexible work hours

Our employees have the freedom to flex their hours when necessary. If you need to leave a few minutes early or come in a few minutes late, you’re not going to get a demerit or burn vacation time.

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Mistakes happen

While we maintain the highest quality standards for parts, we also understand that our employees are human and that mistakes are often the result of multiple factors. We view these situations as opportunities for improvement and training rather than unacceptable flaws.

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As an added perk, we provide snacks for employees. Sometimes, we’ll even pull out the grill.

Why SOS?

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What you get when you work for us:

  • Wages starting at $40,000–$70,000 a year
  • Health insurance
  • Adjustable hours
  • Paid time off
  • Overtime pay for hourly workers
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Our team is important to us

We respect our employees. We want them to feel not only as valuable as the owners, but proud that they are part of this business and satisfied in their work.

Job Openings

Sorry, we don’t have any openings at this time, but check back later.

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Send a copy of your resume to: sales@superior1solutions.com